The B-Town MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy offers competitive rates because of our commitment to the community. We believe that everyone can benefit from training jiu jitsu. The benefits of martial arts training are overwhelming and our reward comes from seeing our students grow.

Class Cost Availability
Unlimited Classes $120.00/mo Mon-Fri
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu $80.00/mo Tue, Thu, Fri
Kids Classes $60.00/mo Tue & Thu
MMA $80.00/mo Mon, Wed, Fri
Mat Fee $20.00/day Friday (2hr session)
Semi Privates (2-4 people) $80.00/session (i.e. $40/person for class of 2) Call to schedule (1hr session)

Pricing Details

The Gi is an important part of your jiu jitsu training. While some athletes prefer training without the gi, training with the gi accentuates both your gi and no-gi game. Many submissions utilize the gi and in self-defense aspects take advantage of your assailant's clothing. This is why we offer affordable options to our students.

Item Cost
Basic Package TBD
Deluxe Package TBD

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Top Notch

I first met Greg in 2010 while training at IU. He was and is very methodical when it comes to technique, but he always lightens the mood with his witty rhetoric. Since getting to know him through countless hours of training, I realized what a special instructor I had. Despite working as a firefighter and raising his 4 kids, he still provides quality knowledge to his students. -Frank G.

What a Blast!

My son loves it! He just started karate about 3 weeks ago and it's all he talks about!-Elizabeth S.